Perceiving Sensing Feeling

Because intuition is more primordial than reasoning and knowing, it is our key capacity to break through conceptual barriers  and limiting narratives. We can activate our intuition through cultivating the ability to perceive the world directly, to receive from our senses, clearly, and to feel inner sensations equanimously. Intuition begins to flow as insight from the […]

Work Directly with View

The 20th century has been shaped by conceptual frameworks that are fast approaching the end of their effectiveness. To change the world, we need to change the way we see the world. If our orientation — our view — stays inside the boundaries of the status quo, then even as we challenge it, no real […]

Disentangle Meaning from Method

Research shows that people create many layers of meaning through the stories they share and the implicit narratives they hold about themselves and the world. This meaning-making process both comes from the deep system of values that make us human, as well as contributes to the ever evolving systems of values that anchor our lives, […]

Coaching Services

Bonnitta offers individual coaching sessions for creative individuals at or entering post-formal stages of personal growth. Sessions are offered through skype, conference call, or google hangout.      

Transformational Courses

Alderlore Insight Center offers online courses that cultivate post-formal capacities in creative individuals who are reaching towards personal awakening and generative life practices.  

Insight Retreats

Alderlore retreats are designed to catalyze emergent capacities such as sensory clarity, insight and cognitive flow, through authentic participation of fully individuated persons.

Collective Insight

What is Collective Insight? Collective Insight is the experience of a group of people working together all having the same key insight at the same time. Although one or two individuals might speak it first, each person experiences the insight, the “ah ha” moment, spontaneously and at the same time, so there is very little […]

Why Metaphysics Matters

Metaphysics has acquired a bad reputation. I want to show you why metaphysics matters. Metaphysics is all about describing water to a fish. 

Deep Phenomenology

One of the practices we can bring to insight training is what I call deep phenomenology. This is the practice of observing the subtle dynamics of the self. We can learn to feel into the preconceptual processes at different levels of awareness — a deep interior core of simple presence, a basic quality of energy, the […]

Keeping it Real

Many people who have experience with collective presencing either in a spiritual community or organizational setting, report that when the collective processing faces phases of intense and chaotic discomfort and passes through, that the transformation on the other side is relative to the amount of tension that is able to be processed. Groups that self-select by […]