Knowing, Fearing & Questioning

As we sit in a circle together, we can watch how thought arises. Noticing, we can make distinctions between categories of knowing-thoughts, fearing-thoughts, and questioning-thoughts. As we sit in a circle together, noticing, and allowing all knowing, fearing and questioning thought to pass, without holding or offering, or saying — just noticing — as we sift through periods of quiet and periods of irruption, noticing and allowing to pass, we create the space for some new types of thoughts to originate. If you are lucky, you might begin to see how knowing, fearing and questioning are always in dynamic relation to each other, and that it is difficult to get outside of this cycle of thinking. Try sitting in a circle together, allowing only what is not knowing, fearing or questioning to be shared, and see what happens. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy to find new group processes that are available, that release the habituated ways of thinking, into a more creative, auto-symphonic melody.

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