Writing Projects


I am currently writing a series of books.

The Nature of Experience is an ambitious project. I am writing a textbook on the content I teach in the Masters of Arts Course in Consciousness Studies. It includes chapters for individuals, educators and learning communities. Its function would be for learning communities to be able to develop and deliver the course themselves.

It is a BIG IDEA inspired by Christopher Alexander’s Nature of Order series. The first volume (shown above) describes the fundamental aspects of experience: affect, perception, tacit knowing, and the virtual simultations of mind.

The Second Volume, The Timeless Way of Being describes the transformation of their passive modes, to the active modes: intuition, insight, wisdom and active imagination.

The Third Volume A Once and Future God describes the need for an fully embodied spirituality, and a fully, immediately present, participatory god.

The fourth volume, Root Koan will be a practical guide to everyday experiments in discovering root causes of confusion, paralysis and suffering; and practical experiences to design generative life practices for yourself, family and community. Root koan is envisioned to be an illustrated book.

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