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Perceiving Sensing Feeling

November 24, 2014

Because intuition is more primordial than reasoning and knowing, it is our key capacity to break through conceptual barriers  and limiting narratives. We can activate our intuition through cultivating the ability to perceive the world directly, to receive from our senses, clearly, and to feel inner sensations equanimously. Intuition begins to flow as insight from the […]

Work Directly with View

November 24, 2014

The 20th century has been shaped by conceptual frameworks that are fast approaching the end of their effectiveness. To change the world, we need to change the way we see the world. If our orientation — our view — stays inside the boundaries of the status quo, then even as we challenge it, no real […]

Disentangle Meaning from Method

November 24, 2014

Research shows that people create many layers of meaning through the stories they share and the implicit narratives they hold about themselves and the world. This meaning-making process both comes from the deep system of values that make us human, as well as contributes to the ever evolving systems of values that anchor our lives, […]

restore Balance gain Insight achieve Breakthrough complete Integration

There is an opening in a field of possibility for you to feel more deeply, see more clearly, to know more fully. Jump completely out of the boxes into unknowing. Set your intention to discover what is now possible, that has never been possible before.


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I have downloaded all the recordings, and am using the category of alchemy. I can say that .. somehow in each session, during the session I see that I was in some ways somehow being … going through some type of formative process where what I am in the moment is being somehow rubbed against another possibility, like given some new form, maybe…

~ inner alchemy ~

 A meaning making narrative creates a filter which is typically manifest through a rigid identity, a shackle of limited and repetitive experiences. Post meaning making, post-narrative is likely to be manifest through a fluidity of identity in which the filter, moment to moment, is determined through attunement with primary energies resulting in greater novelty

~ my take on this ~

A participatory mind has a beginner’s luck!” …as I observed how lately I get some “things right” without having had any specific expectations or symbolic knowledge apriori… and it all happens in surprising ways kind of synchronistically. Then I thought of how in moments we try things for the first time we are indeed in that participatory “wave” and everything just happens

~ beginners luck ~