Why Metaphysics Matters

Metaphysics has acquired a bad reputation. I want to show you why metaphysics matters. Metaphysics is all about describing water to a fish. 

Born in the Middle (Pt. 2)

part one here Only the post-conventional mind can begin to deconstruct all these implicit biases and blind spots. Slowly through inquiry and practices such as mindfulness training, we begin to receive insights. Peeking through some of the biases and releasing some of the conditioned structures of ordinary experience, we begin to experience non-ordinary states. We […]

Axioms of a New Cosmology

Everything in the universe can be deeply purposeful, yet the universe itself is not purposeful. (see note a) “Generative” complexity grows through increasing individuation and unique-i-fication; not toward synthesis and unity. (see note b) Causal generativity means we come from unity (a nexus of shared history) and we grow toward complexity. (see note c)   […]

Born in the Middle (Pt. 1)

We are born “in the middle” – unaware of our own beginnings and endings. By the time a child has learned to name herself, her reality has already been deeply conditioned by the ways of her parents and the language she was born into. The different levels of agency she experiences in her world – […]

Post-Dialectical Excerpts

Snippets of recent writing 1. “To participate, means to enjoy movement and reciprocity within the generative ground of our universalized becoming and the foregrounding of our being. To participate means to act and to be acted upon, to affect and effect, to mediate both spatial and temporal extension in infinite directions and dimensions. To participate […]

A Question of Wholeness

Michel Bauwens asked me this important question on FB: “It is often said that post-modernism killed grand narratives yet post-post-modernism is about synthesis, integration and looks a bit like grand narratives … my own feeling with constructing p2p theory is that it was necessary to reconstruct after deconstruction, but with the following caveats the theory […]

Post-Relativity Blues

  It seems to me that a great shift on consciousness is looming — the deeply embedded assumption of relativity that has taken over all of our thinking since the post-modern turn, in science as well as humanities and art, is about to change into an epoch where we see that each and every being, […]

Notes on Post-Dialectics

 First we see that language has the capacity both to enrichen and to limit our experience. We begin to realize that Indo-European languages are all built around polarities of all sorts, and when we try to disentangle them the situation gets really peculiar. People like Bertrand Russell and Wittgenstein in the west and Nagarjuna in […]