Principles of a Generative Meta-Design

Principles of a Genereative Meta-Design   Auspicious – focuses on the affirmative, optimistic, serendipitous   Indescribable – seeks to make the unthinkable possible   Self-steering – adapts by re-inventing its own working language   Fractal – making complex systems navigable through pattern-familiarity   Holistic – delivers complex, comprehensive and self-aware outcomes   Synergistic – cultivates … Continue reading Principles of a Generative Meta-Design

Theory, Practice & Innovation

It is the integrity of each individual human that is in final examination. On personal integrity hangs humanity's fate. ~ Buckminster Fuller The philosopher Roy Bhaskar writes about theory-practice inconsistency. He likes to use David Hume as an example. Based on the implications of his idealist philosophy, Hume made the statement that it actually made … Continue reading Theory, Practice & Innovation

Knowing, Fearing & Questioning

As we sit in a circle together, we can watch how thought arises. Noticing, we can make distinctions between categories of knowing-thoughts, fearing-thoughts, and questioning-thoughts. As we sit in a circle together, noticing, and allowing all knowing, fearing and questioning thought to pass, without holding or offering, or saying -- just noticing -- as we … Continue reading Knowing, Fearing & Questioning