Keeping it Real

Many people who have experience with collective presencing either in a spiritual community or organizational setting, report that when the collective processing faces phases of intense and chaotic discomfort and passes through, that the transformation on the other side is relative to the amount of tension that is able to be processed. Groups that self-select by … Continue reading Keeping it Real

Generative Design-Build

In an excellent article on Christopher Alexander's notion of "wholeness", by Michael Mehaffy and Nikos Salingaros share the following from their new book: A set of diagrams from Helmut Leitner (a software engineer in Graz, Austria) helps us grasp the wholeness-generating transformations. We reproduce his five-step graphical description from our book Algorithmic Sustainable Design. 1. Step-wise: Perform one … Continue reading Generative Design-Build

Principles of a Generative Meta-Design

Principles of a Genereative Meta-Design   Auspicious – focuses on the affirmative, optimistic, serendipitous   Indescribable – seeks to make the unthinkable possible   Self-steering – adapts by re-inventing its own working language   Fractal – making complex systems navigable through pattern-familiarity   Holistic – delivers complex, comprehensive and self-aware outcomes   Synergistic – cultivates … Continue reading Principles of a Generative Meta-Design

Theory, Practice & Innovation

It is the integrity of each individual human that is in final examination. On personal integrity hangs humanity's fate. ~ Buckminster Fuller The philosopher Roy Bhaskar writes about theory-practice inconsistency. He likes to use David Hume as an example. Based on the implications of his idealist philosophy, Hume made the statement that it actually made … Continue reading Theory, Practice & Innovation

Knowing, Fearing & Questioning

As we sit in a circle together, we can watch how thought arises. Noticing, we can make distinctions between categories of knowing-thoughts, fearing-thoughts, and questioning-thoughts. As we sit in a circle together, noticing, and allowing all knowing, fearing and questioning thought to pass, without holding or offering, or saying -- just noticing -- as we … Continue reading Knowing, Fearing & Questioning