Work Directly with View

The 20th century has been shaped by conceptual frameworks that are fast approaching the end of their effectiveness. To change the world, we need to change the way we see the world. If our orientation — our view — stays inside the boundaries of the status quo, then even as we challenge it, no real change is possible. We can change from one version to another, or switch perspectives, but we cannot shake this uncanny feeling that we still remain inside the fundamental assumptions that constrain our ways of thinking and limit our choice field. At the furthest reaches of our thinking, when we become aware of the concepts themselves, and of the processes through which those concepts are assembled and reassembled into theories, beliefs, and stories about our world, our histories, and our selves, we become boggled by the power of our mind to both construct reality and to limit itself by those very constructions. This is the pivotal point in a profound shift when we discover we must work directly with ourĀ view.

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