Keeping it Real

Many people who have experience with collective presencing either in a spiritual community or organizational setting, report that when the collective processing faces phases of intense and chaotic discomfort and passes through, that the transformation on the other side is relative to the amount of tension that is able to be processed. Groups that self-select by explicit rules of governance, or otherwise “primed” by implicit rules of behavior and expected outcome, fail to achieve insight and breakthrough, and tend toward the kind of group think that arises through peer pressure and acts of “civil convenience.” The latter course of action might achieve a “new conventional ethos” but maintains its reliance on conventional (versus post-conventional) reasoning. This is arguably one of the reasons why research shows that “wisdom leaders” hold a conventional versus a post-conventional orientation to the group that recognizes them as such, even when their teachings are esoteric or eclectic. Hence the “blue guru syndrome.” So, depending on what your intentions are in such a role, please choose wisely.

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