Born in the Middle (Pt. 2)

part one here

Only the post-conventional mind can begin to deconstruct all these implicit biases and blind spots. Slowly through inquiry and practices such as mindfulness training, we begin to receive insights. Peeking through some of the biases and releasing some of the conditioned structures of ordinary experience, we begin to experience non-ordinary states. We are shown that the subject-object or mind-body quality of experience can drop away; or that the sense of spatial separation can disappear; or how the mind, starved of stimulus, can manufacture is own hallucinagenetic reality. We begin to experience expansions and contractions of time, and space spreads out and become self-luminous. We begin to notice and take note of the conditioned pattern that is the self participating in a patterned-upon-patterned world at scales all the way up and all the way down.

In other words, we begin to experience the sense of our own beginnings through the deconstruction of the apparatus of existence into the deep phenomenon of pattern. When we are ready to begin again, from that place we interpret as origin, the place of elemental principles and primitives out of which we are born —  something curious happens. We find we will need to become more and more sophisticated, cognitively, to sufficiently de-couple ourselves from all those conditioned patterns in order to witness them as objects in awareness. We find that we need to create higher and higher levels of abstractions and meta-abstractions to get at the deeper and deeper kernals of reality. In the process we may discover an underlying rule of the dialectically reasoning mind – the deeper the ontological immanence, the higher the epistemological transcendence.

One thought on “Born in the Middle (Pt. 2)

  1. Hey Bonnie, one of the best descriptions of these phenomena that I have come across so far, without being lost in meta-space. To the point. Clear connection to that cognitive space. Grazie, cara!!

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