Axioms of a New Cosmology

  1. Everything in the universe can be deeply purposeful, yet the universe itself is not purposeful. (see note a)
  2. “Generative” complexity grows through increasing individuation and unique-i-fication; not toward synthesis and unity. (see note b)
  3. Causal generativity means we come from unity (a nexus of shared history) and we grow toward complexity. (see note c)


a)  Just think about it. If the universe were over-ridingly purposeful, there could be no creative novelty. Just the same old same old.

b)  Just think about it.”Synthesis and unity” is a game-killer for creativity.

c) Just think about it.


  1. bkunkel3 says:

    Forever-always, a creative careening into all available adjacent possibles given adequate constraints…

  2. Glisten says:

    The ‘universe’ as context without qualities, reality generative processes as content.

  3. Glisten says:

    … and, phase transitions as punctuation; complexification>uniquification as increasingly complex amalgamations which individuate…

  4. bonnittaroy says:

    Yes, and because we are always come from each other (unity) what is conserved are rediscovered as the ur-phenomena or the absolute or transcendent terms.

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