Principles of a Generative Meta-Design

Principles of a Genereative Meta-DesignPicture3

  •   Auspicious – focuses on the affirmative, optimistic, serendipitous
  •   Indescribable – seeks to make the unthinkable possible
  •   Self-steering – adapts by re-inventing its own working language
  •   Fractal – making complex systems navigable through pattern-familiarity
  •   Holistic – delivers complex, comprehensive and self-aware outcomes
  •   Synergistic – cultivates and harnesses team complementarities
  •   Synergy-seeking – aspires to a beneficial “synergy of synergies”
  •   Opportunity-making – uncovers unexpected potentials for other systems
  •   Integrated innovations – creates whole systems by interdependent parts
  •   Paradigm-shifting – seeks to make human culture more ecological
  •   * Generative – creates order, pattern, structure, objects from the underlying processural dynamics of the system
  •   * Responsible – remains responsible to the design intentions that allow second-order objects to “stand in for” process dynamics
  •   * Responsive – allows first-order dynamics to inform second-order objects.
  •   * Recursive – enables first-order changes to revise design intentions   embedded in second-order objects
  •   * Liberating – designs structures that are liberating to the human condition

3 thoughts on “Principles of a Generative Meta-Design

  1. another beautiful offer!
    What I miss, is the ‘beyond human’, for me the whole of the natural world needs to be included in this next paradigm. or is that included in the ‘seeking synergies’?
    With love and appreciation!

  2. yes, truly, this one post does not (yet) speak of the “beyond human” or even the “more than human” — I am wondering if those are ever properties of meta-design?
    the idea here is that meta-design seeks to be synergistic with that which is beyond human … so that is the domain which provides the measure / feedback/ alethic truth.. perhaps outside the domain of even meta-tinkering 🙂

    1. To me it needs to be part of the principles, otherwise I think a lot of people will not include it, or not think of it.
      I agree with “meta-design seeks to be synergistic with that which is beyond human”, and I would like that it is included in the principles/properties. Of course this is just my idea.
      With love,

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